I Have Found
music & lyrics by William Finn
Vocal Demos!
music & lyrics by William Finn
The Miller's Son
music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
These next two clips are tracks from a rehearsal, in my
favorite Living Room Studio, with my dear and talented
friend Steve Przybylski at the piano.
This live, unedited recording is from a private
reading, performed with no formal rehearsal.
The incomparable Mark Selby is at the piano.
And just to round things out, here's a quick soprano cut, accompanied
by the talented Kevin Winebold.  I grew up watching the movie of
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  This clip is dedicated to my mother.
Wonderful Day
by Johnny Mercer & Gene DePaul
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Live Cabaret Performances
Vocal Demo Recordings
Love Quiz
Music & lyrics by John Bucchino
What Do People Do
Music by Peter Larson, Lyrics by Josh Rubins
You Can Always Count on Me
Music by Cy Coleman, Lyrics by David Zippel