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Places to Visit...
I've listened driving down
countless highways - and online!  
I love their news reporting - and

great sense of humor...
For thoughtful articles and in-depth
news stories, The New Yorker is my
favorite magazine.  But in spite of its
highbrow feel, sometimes serious
writing can be
laugh-out-loud funny...
Physics is fun?   Check it out :)
People to Meet...
Erin Cronican- castmate, business coach,
and friend.  A talented performer with lots of
great resources on her site!
Tasha Straley - great headshot photographer
who did an amazing job putting me at ease during
our shoot.  And she's also an actor...
Justin R.G. Holcomb - an actor, writer,
and bona fide Kentucky Colonel.  Also, my neighbor.
David Sedgwick - castmate and friend from
Twelfth Night... I hope that one day we'll play
opposite each other for more than one scene!  
Warner Crocker - artistic director at
Wayside and one of my favorite stage directors to
work with.  Also a tech junkie, if you like that sort of
Neal J. Freeman - one of the best
Shakespeare directors I've ever worked with.  
But he directs many, many things well.  
Brad Makarowski - we first met when I was an
intern and have reconnected in NYC.  Talented
performer and a great person.
Peter Boyer - we were subway buddies on the trip
home from Ford's Theatre in DC.  Talented, funny
actor & kind soul.
Kristin Kunc - talented figurative painter and
art teacher.  One of my favorite artists to pose for!  
Mike Flanagan - award-winning film maker and
college friend.  He created some of the most
thought-provoking horror films I've ever seen!
Companies to Check Out...
ASC...   I spent a year on tour
with this company, traveling
from Maine to Florida with 3
classical shows!
The Pearl Theatre...
took a great Ibsen et al class with
Dan Daily - and then was invited
to help inaugurate their new
42nd st Home!
I was an intern at Barter for two
summers, and those 6 months
have done more than anything
else to shape the actor I've
grown up into.
One of my favorite places to
work.  Dedicated artists and
wonderful people.  A little
piece of my heart may always
live in Middletown, VA.
The Theater at Monmouth.
A wonderful summer in
Maine, full of Shakespeare,
comedy, and great people.
A great outdoor  festival near
my hometown!
 As You Like It
was a blast to perform with
this talented & fun ensemble.
For artistic, elegant, and
creative flowers, this is THE
place to go.  Run by my friend
& roommate, this company's
been called "Brooklyn's
best-kept secret!"  And I hear
she has a stellar hand model...
Anna Dale-Meunier - director of "The Hunt,"
a poised, talented lady and lovely friend.
Jamie Watson - writer, director, actor, & comedian...
talented, warm, & someone I'm so glad to know.
In Maplewood, NJ, this great
SPT company does edgy,
funny work. Had the honor to
be in their moving reading of
"Bury the Dead," Feb 2013.
Carolann Sanita - singer, actor, and voice teacher
extraordinaire.  A wonderful teacher and amazing friend.
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